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Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Eruditio, LLC is a firm that specializes in adult education and training, specifically for organizations that value the relationship between skills improvement and an increased bottom line. Eruditio, LLC deals with challenging subjects like Leadership, Reliability, Asset Management and many others that require sophisticated training approaches to transfer this knowledge efficiently and where the retention is high. We expect our learners to go back to their companies and make a real difference to the way their organization operates and to their bottom-line. Making that happen requires a blend of customized subject matter, experiential training, project based learning, on-line support and reinforcement and an extensive personal coaching program that leverages both experience and expertise. That is who we are and what we do!

Our Programs

iBL or inspired Blended Learning is project based learning for maintenance and reliability engineers, supervisors, and managers that has proven to exceed a 10x return on your training dollars. You can learn more at www.ibltraining.com and see a demo, or download this iBL brochure.
The Institute at Patriots Point focuses on developing leadership and technical skills within businesses and government, and helping veterans transition from their military duties to civilian roles in public and private sector industries globally.
Augmented Reliability® is the latest tool that continues to separate Eruditio from the rest. We pride ourselves on our unique and innovative methods for training and our eStudios division loves to help make your dreams a reality.
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"My CMRP certification has been achieved...the skills achieved throughout my 3 year career combined with my participation and completion of the iBL program made this possible. The questions on this test directly related to both of these. I would definitely encourage anyone who participates in and completes the iBL program to consider taking this exam. I feel it definitely helps the chances of passing." - iBL Graduate

“When we identified the long list of training that was required for a Reliability Engineer to be successful it was a taunting list…when we found the iBL™ program it was really the answer we were looking for. Not only did it cover the basics, it was cyclical…on an annual basis we can start someone new in the program and continue to build the foundation…for both senior and junior Engineers." - Director of Reliability

“What I like most about the iBL™ program is the social aspect. Being able to reach across to other more experienced Engineers helped me know the right questions to ask and gave me confidence as a new Engineer.” - Reliability Engineer

“Prior to Starting the iBL™ program, it wasn’t uncommon for Reliability Engineers to get distracted, doing projects and dealing with reactive day to day activities. The iBL™ program has actually allowed them to model for the organization the kind of behaviors and activities that we really expect them to do.” - Director of Reliability

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