The Institute at Patriots Point

Perhaps one of the most unique educational experiences in the world is our adult programs aboard the USS YORKTOWN, CV-10 at Patriots Point in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. The 30,000 ton, 888 foot WWII vintage aircraft carrier hosts hands-on learning labs, flight simulators, and a variety of other extraordinary teaching environments that immerse students in the learning process in an unrivaled educational environment steeped in naval and Charleston history.

From the Admiral’s Quarters where students receive instruction in core principles, to the engine room where they practice asset management or team building techniques, to the five F35 flight simulators where they realize the importance of effective communication and adaptive situational leadership, the USS YORKTOWN offers an exceptional and fun educational experience that students and trainers will remember for years to come.

Our behavior-based adult facilitators are available to create or help trainers create an optimum educational experience, including designing and facilitating learning simulations, assisting with content development, and co-facilitating instructor-led training.

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