Eruditio, LLC is an adult education firm that stands out from the rest. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, our team has decades of experience applying core skills associated with Asset Management, Lean Six Sigma, Organizational Change Leadership, and other challenging subjects.

We expect our learners to go back to their companies and make a real difference in operations and the bottom line. Our sophisticated training approach, which blends customized subject matter, experiential training, project-based learning, online support and comprehensive personal coaching, enables high knowledge transfer and retention.

Our leadership team has developed, marketed and delivered instructor-led training to more than 16,000 working professionals. Trained in behavior-based adult facilitation techniques recognized as best practices by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), our team is well-known in the maintenance and reliability engineering community as energetic, dynamic and effective educators.

Our passion for adult education that actually delivers results places us consistently at the top of Fortune 500 companies’ lists of preferred instructors.