Sustaining Skills Video Series

Sustaining Skills Video Series

Our industry recognized inspired Blended Learning (iBL™) programs have identified more than $8 million in contribution SSVS logomargin gains since 2012 as maintenance and reliability professionals have applied the associated core skills towards reducing maintenance costs, increasing manufacturing throughput efficiency and engineering out defects that impact product quality within their learning projects.


“If you don’t use it, you lose it!”

In order to sustain the gains, maintenance and reliability leaders recognize the importance of maintaining these same core skills.  New in 2014, Eruditio, LLC provides the Sustaining Skills Video Series. This newly released learning platform is designed specifically to refresh infrequently used skills, build awareness amongst new recruits, or kick-start\maintenance and reliability improvement efforts.

Most platforms include downloadable and printable training aids, templates and other resources to enhance the learning process. The Reliability Review platform can be customized with your company’s logo, branding and include equipment specific images in order to blend in with existing learning and professional development programs offered by your company. The Reliability Review platform can also be formatted for hosting within your Learning Management System.

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