Leadership and Team Building

Leadership  and team building classes

Leadership and Team Building

Do you have under performing teams or leaders?

Eruditio has both custom and off the shelf single and multiple day workshops that address the Team Building exercises aboard USS Yorktownunderlying causes of team dysfunction. We have focused courses for leadership and for whole team improvement in an environment unlike any other. We can host you at The Institute at Patriots Point or bring the education to your site. If leadership is where you want to focus we can introduce your aspiring leader to concepts like:

  • Developing and communicating a vision
  • Leveraging team skills
  • Taking your position as the “expert”
  • Building a SUPPORTIVE environment
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Understanding body language for the leader and the led
  • Motivational secrets that create a well oiled team (no matter what the size)
  • Using technology to increase BOTH your personal efficiency and your personal influence.
  • The role of EGO in an effective leader
  • How to maintain control through a rapidly changing environment
  • Successful tips for crisis leadership
  • Growing assistant leaders” through artful delegation
  • The relationship between Vision / Goals / and Accountability
  • Celebrating SUCCESS to build loyalty
  • Finding and Using expertise outside your immediate circle
  • Developing the right “followers” to make a vision happen

If you are more in need of team building then we will spend the time with you to determine the key opportunities and then custom craft team building activities that will address those needs. Past workshops have focused on:

  • Communication styles
  • Working with people who are “different” and embracing diversity
  • Situational needs identification
  • Open dialogue
  • Working as small and large teams
  • Getting to know your team mates
  • Communication effectiveness
  • Meeting efficiency
  • How to follow like a leader

A board the USS Yorktown we make use of The Flight Academy and its five F-35 Flight  Simulators and full control towers as well as the Patriots Point climbing walls and the Eruditio Sailboats to create a team building environment like no other. View this video to see a sample of one groups team building experience.

Call or email us today and lets discuss the experience we can craft for you and your team.