Inspired Blended Learning

Welcome to the new age of education!

Our inspired Blended Learning programs empower participants to take control of their learning experience through instructor-led classes, online curriculum, real-world case studies and interactive scenarios, and programmed skill application activities within your facility or industrial environment. Click on the brochure to the left to see
all the details or contact us at or by phone at 843-375-8222 for a demo and discussion session.

The inspired Blended Learning (iBL™) programs have identified more ibl-logothan $8 million in contribution margin gains since 2012 as maintenance and reliability professionals have applied the associated core skills towards reducing maintenance costs, increasing manufacturing throughout efficiency and engineering out defects that impact product quality within their learning projects. To see a sample of some of the e-learning portion of the curriculum click here.

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iBL™ is designed with the end in mind…maximizing the value for our clients. Advanced adult learning techniques blended with application projects identified by each student and their sponsor drives a documented return on training dollars directly to your bottom-line.  To learn more about why our learning process is different and more effective, click here. UTRMC LogoAll Eruditio maintenance and reliability courses have been recognized by the University of Tennessee Reliability and Maintainability Center for course credit towards their reliability and maintenance certificate. For more details, please visit their website. History of the iBL program: case-studies-iconThe Eruditio, LLC Leadership Team designed, marketed and administered the first blended learning program within the maintenance and reliability engineering community, entitled and service marked as “inspired Blended Learning” (iBL™). Funded by Kraft Foods as a strategic enabler for their Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement efforts, we began development of instructor-led and eLearning curriculum in 2011. Nine months later, in June of 2012, Kraft Foods enrolled 16 engineering students, each with a learning project targeting a minimum of $250,000 in contribution margin gains. By October of 2012, Kraft Foods enrolled another 16 students, including one Plant Manager and three Production Managers who saw value in the learning process above and beyond engineering disciplines. By January of 2014, less than two years after launching iBL™, our Team was delivering core skills training to more than 100 students within four Fortune 500 companies. You can see samples of their case studies by clicking on the case studies icon above.