Eruditio is the first training company to bring augmented reliability to the world of asset management! 


Augmented Reliability is the integration of digital information with live video or the user’s environment in real time. Basically, AR takes an existing picture and blends new information into it.  That new information can be in the form of a 3D object, video, a 2D picture or other graphic, interactive buttons, text, sound, GPS, and much more. A good example, and one of the first commercial applications of AR technology, is the yellow first down line in televised football games.

AR Collage final


Integration of AR and video has actually been around for some time, however the advancement of smart phones and other mobile devices is bringing a new twist to the AR market.  Now users are able to see images in the live environment around them.  By just holding up their device, with the Augmented Reliability app opened, they can scan objects and images that have been ‘marked’ with augmented reliability information, and see those AR objects through their mobile device!

Always looking to the future, eruditio is bringing AR to the asset management market.  Imagine bring able to scan a pump with your phone and getting a upkeep checklist hovering above the machine, or a video that walks you through the proper shutdown procedure.  Maybe you need a reminder as to where to go in case of an emergency.  The AR app could lead the way with arrows right on the floor in front of you. Need to make a repair? What if you could have audio walking you through the steps and graphics pointing you to the parts of the asset you need to address?  AR can be used to better explain and demonstrate the things we train people on every day.  Text books can now come to life with the quick scan of the page.  The classroom is no longer limited by space, or what can be shipped there. Now you can literally have any asset you want right in front of you for everyone to see.

The possibilities are endless with this new, cutting edge, innovative technology.  We are only limited by our imaginations.

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See it in action for yourself!  Download these two examples to get a taste of what future training is going to look like!

AR Sample 1     AR Sample 2